Cooper McKenzie

  Sassy, Sexy, Fun and Flirty

Romantic Stories


After losing her Master, Blaze Richards’ life spirals out of control until she winds up hospitalized and fired from job as a social worker fighting for children’s protection. Swooping in to rescue her best friend, Jillian, with Gunnar’s help, move her to Texas.

Wyatt Jackson and Levin Taylor, Gunnar and Jillian’s neighbors and co-owners of the Rocking JT Ranch, are involved in a Master/slave relationship while looking for a submissive woman to join their family. Meeting Blaze brings them not only a woman they both want in the bedroom, but also the social worker their ranch, which works with rehabilitating horses and men-in-training, needs.

Will Blaze be able to lay her memories to rest and embrace a new BDSM relationship with Levin and Wyatt? Will the men be able to open their tightknit duo to embrace a third? Will Blaze be able to play rope bunny to her new Masters without melting down?