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Romantic Stories

Quilted Love 

Hero's Quilt

Injured in Afghanistan, Michael Alan Carlyle III ends up at Fort Hood, Texas where he receives a quilt with a letter tucked into a hidden pocket. Once discharged, he goes in search of Jordan Potter, the quilt maker.

Jordan Potter’s shyness has grown so severe he lives with his grandmother and makes quilt art in his attic studio. When Mac arrives, Jordan finds himself intrigued and wanting to push beyond his self-imposed boundaries in order to become a man Mac might be able to love.

Will Mac return to Texas? Will Jordan be able to overcome his shyness to grow into a man Mac can be proud of? Will Mac be able to admit he feels more than friendly feelings toward Jordan?

Christmas Quilt 

Christmas is coming and Jordan Potter has no idea what to get the man who has more money than many small countries, and claims he wants nothing for Christmas. With his quilt business growing and still too shy to hire help, Jordan knows he is neglecting his man. When Mac starts disappearing for hours at a time, Jordan wonders if his man is cheating on him.

For Mac Carlyle, Christmas is just another day on the calendar. When he sees Christmas is important to Jordan, he wants to make their first holiday as a couple special. He just doesn’t have a clue how, so he goes to the woman who knows his man best, Nana Georgia who makes an outrageous suggestion.

Is Mac cheating? Can Jordan come up with the perfect Christmas gift for his man? Will Mac finish Jordan’s gift in time?