Cooper McKenzie

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Romantic Stories


After a traumatic past, best-selling author Madi Delaney retreated from the world and became a hermit, never leaving her home. When her publisher threatens to drop her unless she does a six-week, cross-country book tour, Priscilla, her best friend and agent, suggests she needs a man-wife/mafe to take care of her. And she knows just the man for the job.

Out-of-work, long haul trucker, daredevil Garrett Bailey is staying with his sister when she announces she has the perfect next job for him. He will drive their parents’ RV and act as bodyguard and mafe for Madi.

Can Madi get along with the man her first crush has grown into? Will Madi overcome her many phobias in order to keep her publisher happy? Will Garrett be able to handle the job of mafe when he doesn’t know what a mafe is?


Harper Ellis finds it harder and harder to juggle the responsibilities of her growing design business, her five-year-old daughter, Miranda, and everything involved in keeping their household running. During a girls’ night in with her best friend, Harper lists all the qualities she wants in a man-wife. Little does she expect for Brenna to post the ad.

The “Help Wanted: Mafe” advertisement intrigued him and before he knows it, Air Force veteran Foster Michaels finds himself hired for the job of man-wife by dress designer, Harper Ellis, and her five-year-old daughter, Miranda.

Will Foster be able to take over enough of the household to help Harper meet her deadlines? Will Miranda act out and chase Foster off as she has with previous help? Can Foster come up with a meal comprised entirely of orange foods as requested by the Fairy Princess Miranda?